OSHA Asbestos Inspectors

Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors

Asbestos Inspectors face liability and litigation due to the critical role they play in the asbestos management process. The inspection report is an integral part of the management plan and is the basis for all subsequent actions taken by the school. The inspection report provides guidance for the following: The development of operations and maintenance… Read More »

OSHA Hazards of Asbestos in the Workplace

Hazards of Asbestos at Workplace

Asbestos is a substance that has been used for centuries. Its heat-resistant properties make it almost indestructible; due to this property, asbestos has been widely used in the construction industry, especially for pipe and boiler insulation and also in vehicle brakes. Before 1973, asbestos was sprayed onto different surfaces for fire protection purposes, but this… Read More »

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