Hexavalent Chromium (Chinese) 本课程让学习者了解六价铬的相关风险以及可以采取的保护步骤。理想的学习者是所有员工。 https://www.oshapractice.com/occupational-health-safety-training-osha/general-safety-osha-training/hexavalent-chromium-chinese/ 2019-02-09 640 400 oshapractice.com

Hexavalent Chromium (Chinese)


Learning Objectives

Recognize the health risks associated with exposure to hexavalent chromium; Identify where hexavalent chromium is found; Recognize who may be exposed to hexavalent chromium; Recall best practices for hexavalent chromium exposure prevention and control

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Course Duration: 16 min

Course Language: Chinese

Course Audience: Global

Course Delivery Method: Online

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