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OSHA Outreach Training Program – Construction Industry

OSHA Safe and Competent Worker Training

Construction work is a necessary part of the urban world. However, it does carry risks and safety issues for the workers. The best means of eliminating the persistent dangers of the construction place is to educate workers and personnel to implement better safety protocols. This is where OSHA comes in. OSHA can help workers understand the many dangers around the construction site and how to avoid them. If they are able to understand the basic sources of danger and know how to maneuver and execute tasks properly, the chances of health risks and dangers would be reduced by several degrees.

What is OSHA?

So what really is OSHA? Basically, OSHA is the Occupational safety and health Administration which is created in the 1970s by professional experts dealing in environmental health and safety. The professionals offer detailed safety training, which is in line with the standard safety regulations to reduce workplace injuries and ensure a safer workplace. They have affordable courses that allow the individuals, groups and even companies to understand and practice the safety protocols to cater to their professional needs.

The service also offers online training courses which allow you to avail important knowledge and training in a short course, anywhere in the world. The best parts of these training courses are that every person can attempt the course at their own pace. And learn to make their workplace safe. One of the prime candidates for the OSHA courses are construction workers which form a staggering 20% of the work force.

What is a Construction Worker?

Construction work is abroad term but is defined under 29 CFR 1910, section 1910.12(b) as any work relating to construction. This includes decorating, painting, maintenance, general industry work and so on. There may be some confusions though, as most of the maintenance workers are considered general industry workers, but under certain circumstances, they are regarded as construction workers.

Types of construction workers

In order to simply the things a little bit, you need to first analyze and declassify construction workers. OSHA considers the following workers as construction workers.
Workers working with stone, tiles, brick, concrete or any other building material. Workers who deal with carpentry, plaster roof and paving are also considered construction workers. Besides this, the engineers of the project as well as the piping, glass work and interior designing come under the category. Even people like truck drivers, water proofers and pile drivers come under the OSHA construction umbrella.

So, why do companies need OSHA?

OSHA has made an important impact on the regular safety and protection protocol at work. Since 1971, implementing OSHA in workplaces has reduced workplace casualties by about 66%! That is a huge number considering that workers have more than half the chance of avoiding such fatal injuries. Many companies including transportation companies, construction enterprises as well as underground workers are exposed to a constant safety threat. Shocking statistics reveal that about 1 in 10 construction workers are injured every year.

Moreover, other statistics reveal that the private sector has almost 3 times the rate of injuries as compared with other industries. Delving into the statistics and the incidental reports OSHA highlighted 4 major causes of workplace injuries. In fact, these injuries represented a staggering 80% of all construction related casualties. Here we describe them in detail:

  1. Falls are the greatest cause of injury at construction sites is due to falls. Such high statistics regarding injuries that can be easily prevented represent a broad area where we can implement certain basic rules to incorporate improvement in the system. They amount to about 34% of all the construction casualties and took the lives of 804 people in 2004 and 2005 alone.
  2. Caught In hazards, these account for about 10% of all the construction related casualties. They include injuries where a worker may be squeezed in between or caught in or compressed by machinery or other equipment.
  3. Struck by danger, this hazard includes all equipment or tools that can fall or fly through the air. These tools can be extremely dangerous especially when they are hitting a worker and account for 24% of all construction workplace related casualties.
  4. Electrocution, construction areas have strong currents and exposed wires. Electrocution hazards account for 11% of all the construction related fatalities.

Of course, being compassionate about your workers reflects well on them and motivates a sense of belonging. Workers are found to work much more productively for a company that takes care of them I contrast with a company that doesn’t. All in all, companies can truly benefit by employing OSHA training courses to help workers stay fit and safe. This is a necessity both for the betterment of the company as well as the workers.

OSHA courses

OSHA offers a number of different courses that are created to suit individual company needs. Whether you need to give your workers an intro or would like them to go through the different safety protocols extensively lies with you. We help to deliver the best information that will help you take care of your worker needs precisely. For construction workers, OSHA offers two diverse courses. Namely:

The OSHA 10 hour course focuses on the need to understand the primary things associated with safety at the construction site. They will receive special training that is particularly linked to the health and safety hazards which are especially associated with construction workers. Moreover, all students rolled in for the course will be introduced the basic OSHA concept. We recommend these course for beginners who need to understand the very basics of safety and protection protocols when they are employed by construction companies. We recommend this course for all the construction workers.

In addition to all of this, our specialized course also conducts site-specific training, delivering OSHA standard information and helping workers understand employer and employee rights. The course is incredibly useful to introduce new workers to the essential construction safety protocols and raise awareness about the different aspects of safe employment. It is better suited for beginners helping to deliver an essential intro to equip them with some basic safety proto owls in order to minimize hazards.

The OSHA 30 hour course is a much more detailed, comprehensive and enlightening course which is designed to suffice for supervising workers or workers with safety related responsibilities in the construction industry. It targets the field supervisors, foremen and safety directors more as these are the responsible personnel on site. They need to understand the safety protocols thoroughly and know about all the potential hazards and safety protocols in order to promote the safest practices. These people also receive some additional training regarding the most pressing problems to help their company workers avoid potential hazards. The course is completed over a time period of 6-8 weeks upon which the taker will receive the OSHA-30 hour construction outreach DOL course completion card.

Benefits of OSHA

The online course helps to make safety protocol learning and hazard awareness a reality, allowing supervisors to understand and implement important hazard protectors around the workplace. At an affordable price, you get to equip your workers with a critical lifesaving and hazard reducing the information that can lower the risk of injuries. This, in turn, has enormous benefits for your own company.

Our outreach training can help deliver valuable instruction and commands that help employees improve on-site safety standards to comply with the ones set by OSHA. The service also allows certain licensed professionals to deliver online courses. The training includes interactive animations and explainer videos that will make the entire learning process much easier for you.

For one thing, fewer injuries mean less sick leaves which means most of your workforce will be at their job yielding productive results. In addition, fewer injuries also mean fewer hospital bills for you to cover. The company can save the added money spent on hospital insurances and treatments and divert it towards more productive projects thanks to the better safety profile of the workers.

Moreover, workers like to work in a safer environment. Assuring they continue to do so and have all the information to keep them safe will increase their trust in the company. This, in turn, motivates worker loyalty that helps to produce better yields. All in all, OSHA courses can help significantly reduce the injury rates at construction sites. You need to seriously think about their implementation and their benefits for you and your company.

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