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OSHA Practice Group Enrollment

With its unending commitment to promoting OSHA’s vision, OSHAPractice firmly believes in making a healthy workplace environment the highest priority for all industries and organizations nationwide. Hence, we introduce “Bulk Enrollment Discounts” for OSHA Safety Training Courses!

Whether you’re an entry-level worker or an experienced supervisor, our mission is to empower everyone involved in occupational activities with essential site safety skills and knowledge.

Therefore, we invite individuals from all backgrounds and companies of all sizes to enroll their teams in OSHA Safety Courses and avail significant discounts through our Bulk Enrollment while keeping the online training costs in check.

Unlock Bulk Enrollment Benefits and Fulfill OSHA Compliance!

Take the First Step Towards Safety

Perks you Get with our Bulk Enrollment Feature

Personalized Learning: Get access to a custom-built Learning Management System with separate login details tailored to your specific training requirements for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Free Study Guides: Our comprehensive study guides for each course come in a convenient PDF format. These resources thoroughly address the core learning objectives of each module as well as serve as a valuable learning aid, enabling candidates to prepare for quizzes and the final exam.

Budget-Friendly Training: It doesn’t matter if you’re an organization seeking support to enroll multiple employees simultaneously or an individual learner since you can save money and cut down on your training expenses through significant discounts on OSHA Online Courses.

Streamlined Administration: You can effortlessly supervise and track the progress of all your employees while accessing printable OSHA certificates through a central account. Besides, the number of OSHA Safety courses and trainees can be adjusted according to the changing staffing requirements.

Diverse OSHA Courses: You can select from a diverse range of OSHA safety courses that provide education on essential safety topics relevant to specific job roles and responsibilities.

OSHA Safety Training Redefined: Get a Bonus Course for Free with Bulk Enrollment!

Take the First Step Towards Safety

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Visit the Free Sign-Up page and enter your details – first name, last name, email, and phone number. Choose the account type that suits you best.

Individual Account:

Free Course: Begin your online training journey with a free course of your choice, which will help you grasp the exceptional caliber of our platform, which we commit to deliver.

Buy More Courses: Purchase OSHA Safety Courses relevant to your industry and job roles and enjoy great discounts on each online course.

Profile & Orders: Your profile can be updated anytime you want. Moreover, you can also monitor your order details by verifying the date and amount you’ve paid.

Business Account:

Add Trainees: Generate different trainee profiles for each available trainee by providing their necessary account and contact information, such as username, email, password, address, and phone number. Assign the login credentials to each trainee, allowing them exclusive access to online training courses.

Buy More: Get OSHA Safety Courses based on the number of trainees you have enrolled and assign each course individually to your trainees.

Courses Progress: You can supervise the learning progress of each of your employees by reviewing their status and activity on OSHA Online Training Courses.

Orders: Stay updated on your orders by checking the date and order details for each course purchased for your trainees.

Contact Information

Do you have questions or need assistance with bulk enrollment? Reach out to our dedicated customer support team at (888) 305-9791 or [email protected].