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$49 OSHA 10-Hour Construction Online Outreach Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends indulging in safety certification courses. These training sessions create alertness about the security measures for workers in the construction industry. Employees of these industries need to get supplemental training on the specific risk associated with their jobs. Two weeks after completing the course, participants receive a wallet-sized OSHA 10-Hour Construction training program DOL card in the mail in a very affordable price.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends indulging in safety certification courses.
10 HRS
OSHA 10 Hour Construction
$89 $49

About OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Course

The Outreach Training Program of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers crucial training sessions for the workers, managers, and other staff of the construction industry. They need to be knowledgeable about workplace safety. Our low price 10-Hour OSHA construction training online addresses employee rights, workplace risk, highlighting safety values, and other crucial topics to get trainees ready for the job sites.

When participants complete their training sessions, they will immediately get a certificate of completion. The Department of Labor (DOL)/OSHA 10 Card will be delivered to them within two weeks, enabling them to look for or keep a job in the construction industry.

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What is OSHA 10 Certification?

You might be astonished to learn that there isn’t actually an OSHA certification because the agency doesn’t certify employees. Instead, OSHA mandates that businesses educate staff members on the specific safety and health requirements of their occupations.

OSHA Outreach training is the closest thing to OSHA certification because clearing their assessment leads to the official DOL card or OSHA 10 card.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training: Who Needs It?

Are you trying to figure out who needs the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Program? People who are getting ready to start jobs in the construction industry should take this course. The OSHA 10 training provides valuable information and raises awareness of the risk at the site and doable safety measures. Additionally, the OSHA 10 Construction training teaches you how to respond to any incident carefully while adhering to the norms and guidelines established by the OSHA construction industry.

The OSHA 10-Hour construction training courses are designed for beginners such as laborers, carpenters, masons, plumbers, welders, and other professionals in this industry. If you are looking for a DOL card and OSHA certification, we are the best online OSHA outreach training platform.

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OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Training Course Details

The OSHA Education Center’s goal is to offer all staff members excellent occupational safety instruction and training. In light of this, we designed our OSHA 10-Hour construction online that is convenient, interactive, and adaptable for every course participant.

You are given a 10-question module quiz at the conclusion of each lesson. Before continuing, you must receive at least 70% on each module’s test. Each module quiz can be passed three times. You will be shut out of the course if you don’t pass the third quiz. You cannot carry on with an online training format for your outreach training after being locked out.

At the end of each lesson, there should be a 10-question session to conduct a quiz. You have three chances to successfully clear every quiz. If you fail the third quiz, you will be dropped from the course.

Outline of Course OSHA 10-Hour Construction

The topics covered in this OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach course include identifying, avoiding, mitigating, and preventing safety and health risks at the workplace. Course content covers:

Module #1 – Overview of OSHA’s workers’ rights
Module #2 – Employment obligations
Module #3 – OSHA inspections complaint procedures
Module #4 – Focus four risks (fall risks, electrocution risks, risks from being struck-by risks, and caught-in-or-between risks)
Module #5 – Understanding, choosing, and utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Module #6 – Major health risks associated with construction sites; include both acute and chronic risks
Module #7 – Hazards in material handling
Module #8 – Power and manual tools
Module #9 – Recognizing healthy and unhealthy safety cultures
Module #10 – Managing cultural change at work
Module #11 – The management and employee responsibilities in safety culture

Minimum Topic Requirement for OSHA 10 Construction Training

1. Overview of OSHA’s Workers’ Rights

The first part is an introduction to OSHA in which participants should know about their rights. In this module, you will learn the rights of employees, the duties of employers, and complaint processes. Additionally, you will also go through the sample of catastrophe and fatality reports and a safety data sheet on OSHA Form 300.

You can also get all the training material through PowerPoint presentations, instructional guides, and student handouts. This part will be covered in almost 2 Hours.

2. Focus Four Risks

Majority of the construction-related fatalities are due to fall dangers. This subject must be discussed for at least 1 hour 15 minutes.

  1. Fall risks
  2. Electrocution risk
  3. The risk of being struck-by (Cranes, Trucks, and Falling Objects)
  4. Caught-in 0r between risks (Equipment & Trench Hazards)

This part of the study consists of two major session Terminal Goals which are TO and Enabling Outcomes EO. For each Focus Four Risk lesson mentioned below;

Terminal Goals

  • Deliver up-to-date information about OSHA sickness, fatalities, and accidents in the construction industry.
  • Students will learn how to recognize falls/caught between, getting electrocuted, being struck by, etc. at construction sites.

Enabling Outcomes

  • Recognize major risk
  • List the different types of threats.
  • Prevent these threats by protecting oneself
  • Ensure that companies must protect workers from these dangers

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is some kind of equipment that is worn to reduce exposure to risk those results in significant workplace diseases and injuries. Products like gloves, shoes, goggles, muffs, earplugs, respirators, hard hats, and full-body attire for personal protection. This session hardly covers 30 minutes.

4. Major health risks

This session provides information on crystalline silica, noise or communication hazards, and other potential construction threats. Almost 30 minutes for this session.

5. Elective

Minimum teaching time should be one and a half hours for the subjects below;

  • Excavations with Cranes, Hoists, Derricks, Elevators, & Conveyors
  • Handling, storing, utilizing, and discarding materials
  • Ladders and Stairs
  • Hand and Power Tools

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Exam & Quiz information

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are used to evaluate students who successfully complete the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry. Candidates who receive at least 70% are deemed to have passed and will be certified. If the contestant does not receive the required marks, they must retake the test in order to pass and receive certification.

To get full credit for the course, passing out the final examination is necessary. The final exam is conducted with 20th questions that test the knowledge covered in your course. You must receive at least 70% on the test in order to succeed. There are three chances for you to pass the final exam. You are locked out of this course and are unable to complete your outreach training online if you fail the exam three times.

Completion Time OSHA 10-Hour Construction Certification

The OSHA 10 course must be completed within six months of the date of course enrollment. Your account expires after six months, at which point you must repurchase the course.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, a provisional printable certificate is available right away. Within two weeks, successful students get a DOL card or OSHA 10-Hour construction certificate completion wallet card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The OSHA 10 Construction training course requires at least 10 hours of training sessions on workplace safety and health-related topics. However, this course might be finished in at least two days. You cannot complete your course within a day. It’s because OSHA restricts candidates to 7.5 hours of training each day.

OSHA 10 Construction online course is created for beginners and entry-level workers in the construction industry. For instance; demolition, building development, and other employees of this industry. Although OSHA’s 10 Hour online training course is a voluntary program, some employers, states, unions, and other authorities are compelled to abide by its guidelines.

After successfully finishing your OSHA 10 Hour training course online, your certificate or DOL card will be mailed to you without any kind of charge.