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$49 OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York Training Course Online

From manual to construction labor, everyone deserves a safe and healthy workplace environment in New York. That is why the US Department of Labor instructs organizations to integrate OSHA training with their employees. It is mandatory for the workers of New York, whether they work in the demolition industry or construction, they must complete their Local Law 196 training obligations online. It will let them work in the safest environment and reduce the fatalities.

We, at, are offering an authoritative OSHA 10-Hour New York Training Course online. We promise that every candidate will receive a high-quality training session with PPTs, interactive learning criteria through digital content, downloadable lessons, and round-o’clock services. You can get in touch with your trainer to resolve your queries. Moreover, you are allowed to take sessions in your comfort zone.

New York OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training
From manual to construction labor, everyone deserves a safe and healthy workplace environment in New York.
10 HRS
New York OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training
$89 $49

About OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York Courses Online

Many of you are thinking, Is New York City Department accept OSHA courses online? If you are also the one, then here you go. The NYC accepts the OSHA 10-Hour construction training online and even the New Yorkers receive the authorized DOL card.

Our online OSHA 10 outreach training course is highly interactive that gives occupational training to each candidate. We have qualified and expert trainers who make sure that every student has a proper understanding of the course. Moreover, you have the opportunity to download and read the lessons again in your free time. If you have any confusion or query, you are allowed to take a call with your trainer.

You make your feasible schedule to conduct your course at your pace. Your activity will be saved on your account, so you can pick up the course where you left off.

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Who Are Eligible For OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training?

The OSHA 10-Hour construction training program is specially created for workers who are initially started their career in the construction or demolition industry. This course is for beginners and entry-level workers. The employees receive sufficient information about their rights and also learn responsibilities towards employers that are assigned by the state. However, applicants also know the importance of filing a complaint and understand its criteria.

It is mentioned above the targeted audience of this course is workers in construction-related businesses. These include untrained plumbers, inexperienced carpenters, inexpert workers, masons, and other professionals.

Certification/DOL Card for OSHA 10-Hour New York Training

When New Yorker efficaciously completes the OSHA 10-Hour training, they will receive a Site safety training card. It is also known as a DOL card or the provisional wallet certificate. The New York Department of Labor is one of the designated organizations which is responsible to provide health and security to each worker.

With more than two million employees in the whole state and local governments, the New York State Plan for Public Employee Safety & Health, also known as PESH, endorses health and safety programs. Interestingly, the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach training course online was accepted by the New York States level & federal levels.

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Course Outline for OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction New York

Our OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York training course has a wide range of topics that are crucial to learn for safety and a health-related work environment. Every topic meets OSHA construction standards, so candidates get enough knowledge that helps them to minimize the hazards at their working sites. OSHA 10-Hour New York training courses consist of 10 modules.

Module #1 – Overview of OSHA
Module #2 – How to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Module #3 – OSHA Inspection
Module #4 – Focus On Four Hazards
Module #5 – Material Handling

Module #6 – Use of Hand & Power Equipment
Module #7 – Analyze the Positive & Negative Safety Culture
Module #8 – Employer Responsibility
Module #9 – Rights Of Labor
Module #10 – Role of Management

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Completion Time for OSHA 10-Hour New York Outreach Online Course

According to OSHA rules & regulations, you have 10 hours to complete the online training session. The average time of course completion is 2 to 3 days, but for your ease, we give you six months to get your training within your pace.

If you are busy and not able to get sessions, you have 6 months to successfully finish your course. After that, you are not allowed to conduct classes and your account will be expired. So, you should buy the course and start training from the start.

You don’t need to open your laptop, our mobile-friendly interface helps you to take your classes anywhere anytime.

Easy OSHA 10-Hour New York Assessment Criteria

The OSHA 10-Hour construction New York outreach course’s assessment standards are based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs). According to OSHA rules, the participants should gain 70% marks in their modules. And every assessment or quiz must conduct after the completion of each module. You are allowed to pass the quiz in three attempts otherwise you are not allowed to move into the next session.

Once you have completed all the modules with 70% marks, then you will sit in the final exam. A final exam consists of 20 long and detailed questions that show your understanding of the course. You need to answer them properly to secure the targeted marks and get your certificate. If you are unable to secure 70%, then you are not qualified to get your certification.

Want to enroll in this course? So get your registration now! We are trying to make online training easy and straightforward for our clients. However, our registration process is simple to go. Here are the steps you should follow for registration;

  • Select the “enroll now” option.
  • This action directs you to a new page that displays an order summary.
  • You must include all of your information, including name, company name, email address, etc.
  • Make sure your account password is unique.
  • Don’t forget to mention the city, region, and country name.
  • Add the proper ZIP code.
  • When you submit the form, you proceed to the payment stage.
  • Be sure to type payment details precisely.
  • Add all of your credentials.
  • You will receive an OTP code or authorization message through mail or SMS.
  • When you are done with a payment method, opt for the checkout option.
  • Make sure you sign in with your credentials to continue with the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per Article 8, every employee engaged in a public project makes sure they have successfully completed their OSHA 10-Hour training. Before carrying out any work project, you must have a certified DOL card.

If you complete your OSHA 10-Hour construction training in New York, you are allowed to work on Article 8 projects. But, New York City does demand that the training should be renewed every five years,

The 10 basic topics covered in the OSHA 10-Hour Construction training for New York?

  1. Role of Management
  2. Rights of Labor
  3. Employer Responsibility
  4. Use of Hand & Power Equipment
  5. Analyze the Positive & Negative Safety Culture
  6. Material Handling
  7. Focus On Four Hazards
  8. OSHA Inspection
  9. How to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  10. Overview of OSHA